Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to QR Codes

3 years ago I set out on an adventure with QR Codes. I was so excited about all the ways to use it in the classroom. I spent many, many hours that summer researching and trying to figure out how to make them.  I continue to use them but I have not created any in awhile and I have not researched all the new ways to create and use QR codes.  The market has really exploded! I love all the new products on TPT! Many are free and I will be using those.  Above is my QR code that links you straight to my class Facebook Page.  I'm now looking to expand again on my new knowledge of QR codes.  ENJOY! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Busy working in my classroom!

What a fun day making labels and getting everything ready for the new school year.  Most important today I got my hair done! That is a must before the first day of school.  I know all my friends think the same thing! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Social Media Icons has been a LONG, but very enjoyable day!  I set out early this morning learning how to create my own social media icons. Yeah, that went real well and I was just about to give up when I thought, POWERPOINT! My new best friend when working with my blog.  I used it to merge my jungle themed clipart with my social media clipart. Then I saved it as one whole picture and did a bunch of other stuff that would take a long time to explain and just like that I have 4 new social media icons on my blog.  I'm excited to say the least and they are to cute! Because I'm all about it looking cute! I took some time to visit other teachers' blogs from bloglovin, another new site that has links to all the cool blogs plus links mine. I wanted to find out about giveaways, how to link other blogs to mine and pretty much how to increase my audience. Linking all my social media to my blog will really help.
Then I started working on dressing up my wall on teachers pay teachers. See my link below to visit my store. Don't get to excited I only have a couple of products available but it's a start! Again I used Powerpoint and some ready made graphics to dress up my wall and make it more inviting. Thank you to from the pond for the graphics, they were a huge help. I ended my day eating pizza with my guys! 
 VIsit My TPT store

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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"I Can Read! I Can Read!" The Importance of Environmental Print

I love teaching my children about environmental print. I love seeing their little faces light up when they realize they 
CAN READ! I took one weekend, my camera and off I went to capture all the environmental print around us.  I took pictures of restaurants, gas stations, pet stores, clothing stores, etc... All the places I knew my precious kindergarten students would recognize! If you know me well you know I really HATE Wal-mart.  So to spend 3 hours in that store taking snap shots of products should tell you just how much I love my students. Listed below are some station activities 
where I utilized all of the pictures.
  • Picture sort-sort the pictures in a pocket chart according to the beginning sound.
  • Classify-classify the pictures as places, things, etc... reinforce those nouns
  • Class book-create a class book called I Can Read-Our Environmental Print Book by Mrs. Davis' Class. You will hear lots of giggles as they name all the places and products they recognize.  *COMING SOON...Look for the environmental print pages I created according to each letter of the alphabet! 
  • I had so much fun creating a powerpoint using the restaurant pictures to go with Dr. Jean's "Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut" song. My kids love the song and the hand motions. Click on the link below for a preview of the powerpoint. 

Now it's your turn...please share your favorite environmental print activities in the comments below! Do you have a silly story about how excited your students act when they realize they CAN READ! Thanks for visiting my blog...Please consider following my blog on Bloglovin and my store on TPT. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine"

I could not be enjoying my summer any more than I am right now! It has been a relaxing summer lounging around the pool and working in my flower gardens! I'm super excited about this upcoming school year. It will be my 24th year in kindergarten! I really abandoned my blog last year to launch my class Facebook page! I love my page and it seems easier to post pictures and video on that format. Plus I feel more parents are on Facebook. Most do not have a blog or would not visit our class blog. I had great response from my Facebook page.  I do want to utilize my blog more this year to communicate with fellow teachers and promote my TPT store. I'm working hard on several projects and hope to upload those very soon! I hope all my teacher friends are having a great summer! Please visit me on Facebook, Pinterest and my TPT store.

Mrs. Davis Kindergarten Class Facebook Page

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rock & Roll is Here to Stay!

The best part of our day was listening to the hits of the 50's. We learned names of famous artist and songs. We really loved Elvis! We did the twist and we learned the hand jive! The 50th Day of school will be a day we will never forget!

Celebrating the Letter Ss

Silly socks, slippers, silly straws and sidewalk chalk...we LOVED celebrating the letter Ss. Ella and Noah got the great idea to trace each other with the sidewalk chalk.  Of course everyone joined in, even our housekeeper Ms. Wanda let the kids trace her.  This is why I teach kindergarten because of days like these! :) The wonders of a child's mind is PRICELESS!

50th Day of School...Learning to play Jacks

One of the activities on the 50th day of school was learning how to play jacks. As you can see they did not use just one hand. They figured out they could pick up a bunch with two hands.

What number is missing?

A great video to explain how to figure out the missing number. This is one of our measures we test every month.  Use this video at home to help your child with this skill. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for publishing this video for us! :)

Practice at home...Letter Decks

Please use the following video to review letter names, sounds and key words with your child. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for publishing this video for us.  

5 Little Pumpkins Group 1

The kids loved sing the song 5 Little Pumpkins! It was a good review of our ordinal numbers. ENJOY!

Our 2nd Tea Party/Dance Video is ready

FINALLY our second group video from our tea party. ENJOY! You have to admit this is so precious!

A book review of Armadillo's Orange by Mia Vivanco

Enjoy a book review by Mia Vivanco about the story we just finished, Armadillo's Orange.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

Cheyenne turned 6 on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. She got to eat lunch with her mom and her mom shared a pumpkin story with the class.  She donated the book to our class in honor of Cheyenne's birthday.