Jungle Chatter

This page will be used to share the funny sayings, stories, comments that the kids make during the school year. I hope you enjoy! I know I do everyday!
School Year 2012-2013
*Cash all dressed up in his jacket and tie said, "I'm going to the office."
*Pointing to my new flower sandals Lily says, "Those are absolutely adorable."
*Ms. Jones instructs Ben to name the letters and he looks at her and says, "No thanks!"
*During our discussion of the Little School Bus Mia says, "I know the pig is in love with the bear because she has a heart over her head. She is combing his hair to show him she loves him.
*Lily, "I think Mrs. Nelson is looking in our window." Mrs. Ingram, "Why?" Lily, "So she can make sure these people are being good."
*After meeting Mr. Terry for the first time in his cowboy hat, Ella says, "Cowboys say Yeehaw, does he say Yeehaw?" 
*Mia is standing in the middle of the carpet for us to celebrate her birthday and Blaze says, "You are cute!" 
*I get an email from Kim Vivanco on a Saturday night that says, "Mrs. Davis Mia wanted me to text you but I told her it was to late. I'll send her an email Mia what do you want to tell her? I just want her to know I miss school." Now how sweet was that? VERY!!!!!!
*Our Team Leaders take their jobs very serious. Mia had asked a friend to please get busy on his paper. When she had enough of him telling her no she comes to us to help her solve the problem. She said, "I told him he better get busy young man or you are going to get in trouble." 

School year 2011-2012
*Squarecrow for Scarecrow! Dylan Johnson
*After dressing as a Zombie for our Academic Pep Rally Caleb Sanders says, "Are you going out to buses with your crazy self?"
*Brayden, "I was sick yesterday." Ms. Magee "You were what was wrong?" Brayden, "I had that bug in my stomach. You know the bug that makes you throw-up."
*Walking the kids to the bus Jackson takes my hand and when I say, "Bye Jackson, I love you." He turns to me and says, "I love you more Ms. Magee."
*Cheyenne, "You're the bestest person in the world Ms. Magee."
*Brody, "I'm doing great in school this year!" Yes Brody you are!
*After going over the rules for going to the library by yourself to exchange a book Auburn says, "You can't be piddling around in the library."
*Ms. Magee, "Show me the letter ____." Antoniel, "Show me the Carfax."
*"Bravo, Bravo!" Caleb Sanders after we read the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
*During math stations Jackson ask to use the restroom.  On his way out the door he yells back to Tatum, "Pause the game!" They were playing a bingo game with nothing to pause! LOL! :)
*Ms. Magee-"Why do you think Ms. Magee bought doughnuts for you this morning?" Tatum-"Because you care for us." PRECIOUS and so true! :)
*Brayden, "That's the letter Oo like for Oh, No!"
*After the pep rally on Friday Auburn says, "This has been the best day of my life."
*Jackson was not really sure about the yellow jacket mascot on Friday.  He asked Ms. Jones, "Is there a person in that thing?"
*After checking everyone for head lice and announcing that our class was lice free Jackson yells, "I'm glad I don't have any of those head "lights".
*Asking Cheyenne how she knew it was daytime by looking at our EL poster and she responded, "Because I'm smart." Good answer Cheyenne.
*They call our sub, Mrs. Hapach, Mrs. Cabbage. 
*When I close out the powerpoint for the day there is a picture of Jessica and I on my desktop.  Dylan says everyday, "That is you and your sister." I love you Dylan! Brayden said today, "That's because you look younger." I REALLY  love you Brayden! LOL! :)
*Cheyenne's word for "umbrella", "underbrella" MAKES SENSE! :)
*Ms. Jones is apart of the testing team and so we had Mrs. Hapach as our sub for a couple of days.  She wore a beautiful bright, yellow shirt with lots of ruffles on it.  The kids told her she looked just like Big Bird.
*While playing cars on the neighborhood rug I over hear Cheyenne saying, "Honey, I need you."
*While eating chicken nuggets at lunch Auburn announces in a very exciting voice, "I've been waiting my whole life for this."
*I asked the kids if their parents watched the "Tooty Ta" video and Brody said, "Yeah I was on YouTube, COOL!"
*After completing a floor puzzle together as a group Addison said, "Ta Da" She was proud they all worked together.
*During computer lab today I was testing the students on letter recognition.  When they miss one I circle the letter so I can quickly look at what we need to work on.  Our friend Jackson was naming most of them but got stumped on a few and then named a few more and the next one he came to that he didn't know he said, "You can just go ahead and circle that one too and that next one too!" It didn't take him long to figure out why I was circling the letters.

*Our friend Kilby again was naming most of the letter but when he came to one he did not know he would say, "Hmmmm that one's kinda tricky." But tricky came out as "Chicky".

This is from 2010-2011 (I just have to save these! I'm going to write a book one day!)
*On Wednesday the children were tested for their winter benchmark.  After returning to the classroom Benton came in and said, "They said I did axcellent!"

*After explaining to the children what happened to JaRon, his home and all of his stuff, I asked him if he wanted to say anything else to his friends. He said, "Hi, I love all of you!"

*We got to meet a famous race car driver on Thursday, Jeffery Earnhardt. He was so nice to the kids and signed all of their fireman hats.  After signing Victoria Robinson's hat she turns to me and ask, "Ms. Magee why does his name look like Scribble Scrabble?"  Welcome to the world of 5 & 6 year olds! Got to love them! Of course Mr. Earnhardt just laughed too. :) Look for Jeffery in the Truck Series driving #6. :) Thanks for your visit. 

Jeffery Earnhardt and Victoria Robinson

Scribble Scrabble Signature
*UnRay says we live in "Amabama"
*Abbie came up one morning and said, "Ms. Magee I told my mama that Jessica knows how to Batwon." "She knows how to do what?" ask Ms. Magee.  "You know she knows how to twirl that stick, Batwon"
*Hailey had on a cute little pink jump suit yesterday.  She came up and said, "Look Ms. Magee, do you like my new "jump rope" suit? My mom bought me a pink and a red one."
*As Tate was drinking his tea this morning it started to get watered down with the melting ice.  "This tea is getting weak," replied Tate.
*As the kids were putting away their outfits they were giving Ms. Wanda, our housekeeper, a hug for helping us with our tea party.  When Camron got to her and gave her a hug he said, "You rock Ms. Wanda!"
*Jennifer, "Look Ms. Magee I have Jesus earrings on." She had on new cross earrings. :)
*Ms. Magee, "How did you know that word was table?" Tate, Victoria & Camron, "Because we're smart."
*Humpty Dumpty fell off the cubbies and Tate walked back to pick it up, "Look Ms. Magee Humpty Dumpty feel off the wall" Then he just started laughing. He knew he had said something funny! :)
*My son Aaron comes in every afternoon before the bell rings for us to leave.  As Aaron was walking in and Benton walking out to the bathroom, he scooted around Aaron and without missing a beat or even looking at Aaron said, "Hey, good morning!"
*Friday as I walked Mrs. Wilson's class back to her room one of the boys in her line asked my name and I said Ms. Magee.  Then he looked at me funny and said, "Your hair looks weird.  Who did that to it?"  All we could guess is that he had never seen a white person with red hair. LOL! :)
*Today, 9/13 is Benton's birthday and Grandparent's day.  While standing in the lunch line Benton is telling all the grandparents that it is his birthday.  Well Cameron's granddaddy said that Benton had to have something for his birthday and gave him a dollar.  As I walked back over to the lunch table Benton said, "Look Ms. Magee, I got a dollar from the toothfairy."  Cameron's granddaddy said that he had never been called the toothfairy before.  He said to be sure to let him know if anyone else looses a tooth this year! :) LOL!
*Tate and 2 other girls are playing at the shape block tub during math stations. The girls are not wanting to share their shapes with him. He proceeds to tell them, "The bible says to be kind to others." Ignoring that he has even said anything he decides to get a little louder and more forceful with his comment. "I said the bible says to be kind to others." Point taken and the girls start to share. This was a great bucket filler story! I have heard several of them say you are being a "Bucket Dipper" but this was Tate's way of saying hey you need to be a "Bucket Filler". Way to go Tate!

*I love to play music in the room. During our art project on Friday I had Kid Bop 5 playing. Hailey Watson comes up to me and says, "Do you think we could change that music to some Nickelback?"

*Hailey Watson: "Is this school our home for big kids?"

*The kids finally got to go outside on Friday.  When they came back to the room of course they were hot and ready for some water.  Most of them were breathing really hard.  Benton with his hand on his chest says, "Ms. Magee my heart is breathing really hard." That was appropriate since they know the heart is in your chest.  :)  They don't have a clue that our lungs are there as well.  LOL! :)