Friday, February 3, 2012

Math is Marvelous

Twister Additions
Unifix Stack up-addition

Spider Math-addition w/Cheerios

Tatum has completed her unifix stack up

Auburn and Cheyenne are working hard making shapes with playdough

Racing Bears- Tony rolls the dice ready to add the numbers together.

Our JSU student is helping PJ and Cheyenne move their picture the number of spaces.

Twister addition- Ms. Jones spinns as the kids add the numbers together to put down a foot or a hand.

Our new Math Stations thanks to Pinterest!


What a sweet friend to help Addison put her coat on and her bookbag. He even zipped her coat all the way up. Tony got to put the rest of the fish in the bucket for being a special friend to Addison! :) We had a chocolate covered marshmallow party for our reward. :)