Thursday, July 24, 2014

Social Media Icons has been a LONG, but very enjoyable day!  I set out early this morning learning how to create my own social media icons. Yeah, that went real well and I was just about to give up when I thought, POWERPOINT! My new best friend when working with my blog.  I used it to merge my jungle themed clipart with my social media clipart. Then I saved it as one whole picture and did a bunch of other stuff that would take a long time to explain and just like that I have 4 new social media icons on my blog.  I'm excited to say the least and they are to cute! Because I'm all about it looking cute! I took some time to visit other teachers' blogs from bloglovin, another new site that has links to all the cool blogs plus links mine. I wanted to find out about giveaways, how to link other blogs to mine and pretty much how to increase my audience. Linking all my social media to my blog will really help.
Then I started working on dressing up my wall on teachers pay teachers. See my link below to visit my store. Don't get to excited I only have a couple of products available but it's a start! Again I used Powerpoint and some ready made graphics to dress up my wall and make it more inviting. Thank you to from the pond for the graphics, they were a huge help. I ended my day eating pizza with my guys! 
 VIsit My TPT store

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