Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rock & Roll is Here to Stay!

The best part of our day was listening to the hits of the 50's. We learned names of famous artist and songs. We really loved Elvis! We did the twist and we learned the hand jive! The 50th Day of school will be a day we will never forget!

Celebrating the Letter Ss

Silly socks, slippers, silly straws and sidewalk chalk...we LOVED celebrating the letter Ss. Ella and Noah got the great idea to trace each other with the sidewalk chalk.  Of course everyone joined in, even our housekeeper Ms. Wanda let the kids trace her.  This is why I teach kindergarten because of days like these! :) The wonders of a child's mind is PRICELESS!

50th Day of School...Learning to play Jacks

One of the activities on the 50th day of school was learning how to play jacks. As you can see they did not use just one hand. They figured out they could pick up a bunch with two hands.

What number is missing?

A great video to explain how to figure out the missing number. This is one of our measures we test every month.  Use this video at home to help your child with this skill. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for publishing this video for us! :)

Practice at home...Letter Decks

Please use the following video to review letter names, sounds and key words with your child. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for publishing this video for us.  

5 Little Pumpkins Group 1

The kids loved sing the song 5 Little Pumpkins! It was a good review of our ordinal numbers. ENJOY!

Our 2nd Tea Party/Dance Video is ready

FINALLY our second group video from our tea party. ENJOY! You have to admit this is so precious!

A book review of Armadillo's Orange by Mia Vivanco

Enjoy a book review by Mia Vivanco about the story we just finished, Armadillo's Orange.