Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Cheyenne!

Cheyenne turned 6 on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. She got to eat lunch with her mom and her mom shared a pumpkin story with the class.  She donated the book to our class in honor of Cheyenne's birthday.

Pumpkin Math and the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Watch for more pictures of our pumpkin math data. Today we learned that our pumpkin weighs 14 lbs. Dylan Johnson guessed it right on the money!
Thank you Calvert family for providing our
class pumpkin.
Thank you to the Pool family for our roasted pumpkin seeds and our mini pumpkins for each child.

We are learning how to vote...

We are learning about the voting process by voting for our favorite book.  We started by voting on our favorite class book and turned it in to our librarian. Our favorite book, Pete the Cat and My New White Shoes.  Next Mrs. Stephens set up voting booths in the library and we got to vote on our favorite book for kindergarten. Again Pete the Cat and My New White Shoes won. 
Next Tuesday we will vote for the final time to decide on the favorite book for the school. 
All the kids got a stamp for voting that day.


Our Pumpkin Observations for the Week...

Our pumpkins are growing...

Our New Queen for the week...

Our new queen for the week is Cheyenne Rice.  Waiting on my boys to bring their All About Me posters back!

WOOHOO we won the pizza party

We want to thank everyone that came to open house! We loved our pizza! Thank you for helping us WIN!

Open House Fun

We had a great time at our open house.  We had 11 out of 19 friends represented! We had parents, siblings and grandparents come to visit our classroom.  We had so many visitors that we won the pizza party for kindergarten! Thank you to everyone that attended open house. Parents I sure hope you had fun on the scavenger hunt!
The kids loved showing you all about our
QR codes and how we learn everyday!


Our First Academic Pep Rally

Friday, Oct. 26th we celebrated our first academic pep rally! The kids were so excited and of course so was their teacher, I LOVE BEING AN OES CHEERLEADER! Enjoy the pictures and the videos. See if you can locate Mrs. Davis as a ZOMBIE! All of my students earned a card this grading period! I'm so proud of my students and how hard they are working.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Love Our Maracas from Flat Stanley

We loved making music with our new maracas that Flat Stanley brought us from Mexico.  Enjoy the sound of our beautiful music.

King and Queen of the Jungle

We have 3 more friends that have enjoyed being the King and Queens of the jungle. Look at those beautiful smiles!


Whole Brain Teaching...This is our calendar

This is our sure to ask your child to demonstrate for you at home.  It is really great to see the kids learning SO MUCH, SO FAST with this method. They LOVE teaching to each other and they love earning a smiley on the scoreboard when they are teaching well. :)

Whole Brain Teaching...Days of the Week

We want to share how we are learning.  Listen to us teach our days of the week to each other using the Whole Brain Teaching Method. 

Watching our Pumpkins Grow

We are learning about the different stages of how a pumpkin grows.  Each week we go to the Outdoor Classroom and observe the changes in our pumpkins.  In the pictures you will see the pumpkin vine, the flower and the new green pumpkin.  The kids are so excited to see all the changes taking place each week.  They are anxiously waiting on our orange pumpkin! :) ENJOY their excitement!



Video #1 of our class dancing to
"Beauty and the Beast."
Still trying to get the 2nd video uploaded properly!
Get the tissues ready this one is a good one! :)

Do you like jelly on your toast?

Tt is also for toast.  We completed a recipe on how to make toast focusing on the sequence of the recipe.  Then we completed a math graph...Do you like strawberry jelly, grape jelly or no jelly. We then made toast and enjoyed our toast with or without jelly.  Thanks to the parents that provided our bread, jelly and butter! We have amazing parents! :) Enjoy our pictures.


Tt is for Tea Party

One of my favorite activities of the year, our Tea Party and after tea dance.  We dress up in coats, ties, fancy hats and enjoy tea and cookies.  After we finish our tea and cookies I teach the children how to dance. The song is "Beauty and the Beast" from the Disney movie.  Enjoy the pictures and watch for 2 videos of the dance. 


Adventures with Flat Stanley...

Flat Stanley has been very busy traveling over the past few weeks. He has traveled to the Bahamas, Mexico, New Orleans and this weekend he is in Gatlinburg. He bought the class 2 stuffed animals and shells from the Bahamas and bought every student a maraca from Mexico.  We are tracking his travels on our world map. Enjoy the pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures. :)

Flat Stanley received turned down service every night he was in the Bahamas.

A limo ride after his arrival in the Bahamas.

Flat Stanley gets a little help from the stewardess.

Flat Stanley is buckled in and ready to go.

Flat Stanley helped Mrs. Renee and her sister Robbie celebrate their
50th birthday while in the Bahamas.

Flat Stanley at the Atlanta airport heading to the Bahamas.

Flat Stanley on the Carnival Elation heading to Mexico.
This is a dog made out of a towel left in our cabin on the first night.

Mrs. Davis, Lily and Flat Stanley in Progreso, Mexico picking out
maracas for all our friends.
Flat Stanley sunning in Cozumel, Mexico.
He decided he would not go snorkling with us.