Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"I Can Read! I Can Read!" The Importance of Environmental Print

I love teaching my children about environmental print. I love seeing their little faces light up when they realize they 
CAN READ! I took one weekend, my camera and off I went to capture all the environmental print around us.  I took pictures of restaurants, gas stations, pet stores, clothing stores, etc... All the places I knew my precious kindergarten students would recognize! If you know me well you know I really HATE Wal-mart.  So to spend 3 hours in that store taking snap shots of products should tell you just how much I love my students. Listed below are some station activities 
where I utilized all of the pictures.
  • Picture sort-sort the pictures in a pocket chart according to the beginning sound.
  • Classify-classify the pictures as places, things, etc... reinforce those nouns
  • Class book-create a class book called I Can Read-Our Environmental Print Book by Mrs. Davis' Class. You will hear lots of giggles as they name all the places and products they recognize.  *COMING SOON...Look for the environmental print pages I created according to each letter of the alphabet! 
  • I had so much fun creating a powerpoint using the restaurant pictures to go with Dr. Jean's "Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut" song. My kids love the song and the hand motions. Click on the link below for a preview of the powerpoint. 

Now it's your turn...please share your favorite environmental print activities in the comments below! Do you have a silly story about how excited your students act when they realize they CAN READ! Thanks for visiting my blog...Please consider following my blog on Bloglovin and my store on TPT. 


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