Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine"

I could not be enjoying my summer any more than I am right now! It has been a relaxing summer lounging around the pool and working in my flower gardens! I'm super excited about this upcoming school year. It will be my 24th year in kindergarten! I really abandoned my blog last year to launch my class Facebook page! I love my page and it seems easier to post pictures and video on that format. Plus I feel more parents are on Facebook. Most do not have a blog or would not visit our class blog. I had great response from my Facebook page.  I do want to utilize my blog more this year to communicate with fellow teachers and promote my TPT store. I'm working hard on several projects and hope to upload those very soon! I hope all my teacher friends are having a great summer! Please visit me on Facebook, Pinterest and my TPT store.

Mrs. Davis Kindergarten Class Facebook Page

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