Monday, September 17, 2012

Question of the Day...

This is our first Question of the Day. The kids LOVE answering the question of the day. Right now we are doing a 2 column "T" chart.  The students use their pictures and place it on the correct side according to the question.  Some other questions we've answered..."Do you have buttons on your clothes?" "Are you a boy or girl?" "Have you ever been lost?" "Do you like to spin around and around?" "Would you rather read a book or watch TV?"  "Would you rather play inside or outside?" We learn a lot about each other and how to read a graph.  We are learning how to "eye ball" our chart and make a good guess or prediction about which will be more or less. But we know we have to count to be sure about our findings.  We then discuss the results and how the 2 numbers compare to each other.  We've learned that the alligator mouth eats the greater number. Many skills are reviewed daily with Question of the Day. 

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