Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flat Stanley is on the Move

This year I decided to incorporate Flat Stanley again into our social studies units!! Let's bring some fun back into our classroom!!!! Flat Stanley is a book by Jeff Brown. He is flat because a bulletin board fell on him. He takes a trip to California to visit his friend. The cheap way to send him, by mail in an envelope. Many teachers across the world use Flat Stanley to teach children map skills and information about places all over the world.  We will be sending our doll Flat Stanley all over the world. He has actually traveled to the Olympics in Australia several years ago. We will also be looking for famous people to have their picture made with our Flat Stanley.  His first trip is with Renee Rice from R&R travel and Cheyenne's mom! They left today flying to the Bahamas! She sent us pictures of Flat Stanley at the Atlanta Airport and arriving in the Bahamas. He will get a little wet tomorrow as he enjoys the waterslide in Atlantis! We will hear from them tomorrow when the class Skypes with Flat Stanley and Renee on my iPad. We are really excited about that. As an introduction to Flat Stanley I read several chapters of the famous book by Jeff Brown. Today we introduced the world map and discussed the pictures of Flat Stanley at the airport. We also drew pictures and sent a books to the school that Renee will visit while down there. Look for updates and pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures in the Bahamas. His next stop a cruise to Mexico!!! Stanley is one spoiled fellow! :) 

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  1. That's funny. I was wondering why Ella was asking me about the Bahamas yesterday...