Monday, September 10, 2012

QR Codes and Daily 5

Smart Devices, QR codes and our Reading Daily 5

Don't you just love the glassless reading glasses? They are listening to our new Boogie Book "I've Got the Whole Alphabet in my Mouth." 

This is a QR tray. Only one for Station 1, the computer station

Station 2 has 2 green codes to scan. The second one is a  song by Dr. Jean, "Name on Your Paper."
Station 2 is our ABC station.

Station 3 and 4 required an iPad.  Station 3 is our Reading Comprehension station.  The first green QR tells them to get out the retell tray and the animals from the Little School Bus. The second green QR is the story The Little School Bus. The students put the animals on the bus in order of the story.

Station 4, Reading Just for Fun station. At this station the kids listened to our new Boogie Book "I've Got the Whole Alphabet in My Mouth." They they watched a video of David Goes to School while following along in their book. 

Station 5 is our Writing/Handwriting station.  At this station the first QR told the students to find the bag with their name puzzle and complete the puzzle 3 times. The yellow QR told them to find the paper with their name on it and using dry erase markers practice tracing their name. 

Caleb is working hard on his name.

Way to go Kirby!

Arilyn did a great job scanning the codes and getting her team ready to work. THEY LOVE the team leader badges. 

The red QR code is scanned if and only if the green and yellow activities are complete. The red codes are reading a magazine or a book at their station. Dylan is doing a great job reading a new book.

Blaze is LOVING station 1, computers. 
During our Reading Daily 5 we implemented QR codes in each station. Each station contains a QR tray with a green, yellow and red QR. The 5 different team leaders take control of the smart devices, scan the codes, listen carefully to the teacher's instructions and then helps his/her team understand how to complete the activity. We will implement QR codes into our Math Daily 5 this week as well. The students LOVE the QR codes.

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