Monday, August 15, 2011

Kissing Hands for Special Helpers

The kids enjoying their "Kissing Hand" cookies.
Mr. Jim one of our building helpers. He said the cookie was REALLY good!

Anecia giving our librarian, Mrs. Stephens a cookie.

Our special office staff, Mrs. Key and Mrs. Sterling. We love you!

The first day of school we read a special story called The Kissing Hand. A sweet story about Chester the raccoon and his first day of school. A big thank you to Jennifer Cross for making our "Kissing Hand" cookies. We had so many extra that we decided to share with all the support staff in the building that helped us make it through our first week in kindergarten. We could not have done it without them! :) We put a special thank you sticker on each ziploc bag. This was also a way for us to visit the entire school and meet all of our school helpers! :) When we returned to the classroom we all enjoyed OUR cookie! Enjoy the pictures from our school tour.

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